Tickford Owners Club
Tickford Owners Club
100 Years in History
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Salmons Tickford, Aston Martin Tickford & Tickford Limited

Welcome to the Tickford Owners Club

The Tickford Owners Club was formed to enable owners of these exclusive vehicles to exchange ideas, both of a practical and informative nature, and to ensure the survival of all marques converted by Tickford.
The club was formed back in 1994, but it has only been recently (1998) that a more professional attitude has been taken in developing the Tickford Owners Club, into what it is today. To date the club has a total of approximately eighty members and is increasing steadily. Membership to the club is open to people who have an interest in Tickford, but don't necessarily own one of their creations.
During your visit to our site you will find various pages of interest, including a short history on Tickford, sample articles from our magazine and many pictures of various vehicles which Tickford has been involved with over the years.


This years shows! Want to see some of the Tickfords that still exist. Then why not check out the message board.

Subscription Form

The annual subscription to the Tickford Owners Club, which includes 4 full colour magazines a year, is £30.00. If you wish to join please click the link and print the subscription form provided. Once completed please enclose a cheque for £30.00 or R.O.W. £37.00 made payable to "Tickford Owners Club" and send together with your subscription form to :-
c/o Tickford Owners Club 	 
  	17, Lyttons Way, 	 
	EN11 9NH
PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member of the club to request information about the car you own. No details of cars will be give to anyone other than the owner.
We hope you enjoy our web site and please feel free to Email us anytime at tickfordownersclub@talk21.com
Shaun Skinner (Chairman Tickford Owners Club)